Britax Boulevard ClickTight Review in Comparison to The Marathon ClickTight

Britax Boulevard ClicktightA convertible car seat is a small seat for children in a car. The car seat is also convertible, which means that it can be either rear-facing or forward-facing. This is adjusted to your child, because child whose age is less than 5 should use the rear-facing and child whose age is above 4 should use the forward-facing.

Recently in August, the new boulevard clicktight was released from britax. The technologies used in britax boulevard clicktight are frontier 90 and pinnacle 90.

These technologies are said to be the best ones so far and they support the quality of boulevard clicktight really well. The car seat is said to be born from mixing two technologies into one which are frontier 90 and marathon g4. Learn all about the new britax boulevard clicktight convertible car seat.

The Similarities of Britax Boulevard and Marathon ClickTight

If it is comparison, then there are similarities and differences. So, what are the similarities between boulevard and britax marathon clicktight? Here are a few things which are similar.

  • The system used in both britax is the same like frontier 90, and also the pinnacle 90. The height and weight were said to be very ‘versatile’, however they are also extending majestically. Both boulevard and marathon clicktight used the same system that were used in the previous britax frontier 90 and pinnacle 90.
  • Similar limitation on height and weight on both facings. The rear-facing requires your child to weigh about 5 to 40 pounds with maximum height around 27”. While the forward-facing aloows your child if he is 20 to 65 pounds with maximum height 54”.
  • The dimension of the car seat is also the same which is 18.5” in wide and 23.5” in tall. However, the britax marathon clicktight is less heavy than Britax Boulevard. The marathon clicktight edition weighs about 28.5 pounds. The weight is mostly caused by the clicktight system which is installed within the seat. However, the weight is not a disadvantage at all.

The Britax Marathon ClickTight Reviewed Briefly and Comparison

Britax Car SeatThe marathon was released firstly before the boulevard series, however the same technology which is clicktight sytem. What is clicktight system? How does that operate? Check the new feature britax car seat.

The whole main point of the clicktight system is to help parents install the car seat on their own without having to worry for their child’s safety because they are not a professional car seat installer. The process does not take too long and it is in fact super easy.

You just need to open the clicktight release which is located under the seat, slide the seat belt through the available slots, connect the seat belt properly and then close the clicktight. That is why is is named ‘click-tight’ because all you need is a single ‘click’, then it is tight.

From most of britax marathon clicktight reviews, they praised the brilliant of the system, although it is similar to one that is used in all the clicktight series of britax convertible seats.

If you are interested in buying the boulevard or marathon clicktight, this comparison can be beneficial for you to decide which one is the best for your child. You can further look to britax marathon clicktight amazon review to conduct the little research before buying.