Can You Exercise Cellulite Away?

Cellulite is recognized by the unattractive dimpling of skin around areas such as the hips, thighs and buttocks. This occurs when fat is deposited into pockets under fibrous connective tissue. The tissue is stretched and misshapen when the fat expands. The tissue becomes rigid while the fat keeps growing, eventually poking through the network of tissue and causing the dimpled appearance. The problem most always occurs in women, regardless of body type or age. Some people think you can exercise cellulite away. While exercise may not get rid of all your cellulite, it can certainly help matters.

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re getting enough cardiovascular activity. Examples of cardio include things like brisk walking, running, swimming, hiking, cross country skiing and dancing. Aim for three to five thirty minute sessions per week for best results. Cardio helps increase blood flow to different areas of the body, which can reduce the accumulation and appearance of cellulite. Not only that, but cardio is the only way to burn calories and melt away excess fat. Many people claim that cardio even makes them feel good emotionally, thanks to the release of endorphins.

Exercise Cellulite

Strength training is important for the reduction of cellulite as well. Rather than bulking up with heavy weights, use lighter weights for tone and definition. If you’ve got enough lean muscle on your body, you will be a more efficient fat-burning machine. Strength training can be targeted to the areas where cellulite is most prevalent. At your local gym, you’ll find a variety of machines designed to work the hips, thighs and backside – all common areas for cellulite. For best results, go for three strength training sessions each week.

To enhance the results of your exercise cellulite reduction plan, you can try one of the cellulite creams on the market. These creams can help exfoliate and tighten the skin. This won’t eliminate the problem, but it will help improve the appearance of the skin. Also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. We all need water to live, but did you know that water also helps flush away toxins and fat? Your diet should consist of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. By combining exercise with other strategies like diet and topical creams, you have the best chance of eliminating pesky cellulite.