Canine Ear Infections

A canine ear infection is usually occurring especially when your dogs are getting into habit of continuous tilting or shaking their heads, acting head shy, or sometimes rubbing their head on the walls, floor or furniture. In this condition of your dogs, you must have to check the other causes, and symptoms of it to have complete and effective medications.

Causes of Canine Ear Infections

There are three main causes of canine ear infections that individuals need to be aware of. These can help them take the necessary precautionary measures to protect their pets against this type of infection that is usually caused by bacteria, fungi, ear mites and allergies.

The presence of bacteria and fungi will surely give your canine ear infections. It will give your dogs a foul or bad odor coming from ear canal. In some situations, you can see fluids on their pinna. In this case you must have a medication for them to keep it from getting worse.

canine ear infection

A lot of dogs nowadays have ear mites that can give them this kind of illness. If this is not treated immediately, this can damage the ears. These ear mites can live with the wax and debris in the canal that makes your skin reddish.

If your pets especially dogs are having allergies with insects, fleas and gnats, you must give them a medication for that. Sometimes, pets are also allergic to the foods that they eat. These allergies can give them skin illnesses that can also affect their ears.

Indications for Canine Ear Infections

Dogs with canine ear infections are usually shaking their heads, scratching their ears and whimpering when their ear area is tamed. There are times that you will notice that their ears are getting reddish and having a bad or foul odor. As dog or pet owner, you must bring them to a licensed and professional veterinarian to give them medications for that illness. These indications will also help you to have canine ear infections home remedies.

Remedies for Canine Ear Infection

You can treat your canine ear infection when you follow and use the recommended canine ear infection home remedies. You must have the cleaning materials or solutions, vinegar or acetic acid and basic oils such as olive oils.
In cleaning the ears of your dogs, you must have the proper cleaning materials that you need. You can use a tissue or cotton that is moistened with a solution to clean and wipe the dirt inside your dog’s ear. But be careful in cleaning their ears to avoid accidents and hurting them. A habitual cleaning of ears of your dogs is the recommended by the veterinarian.

The most popular remedies for your canine ear infections are the balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Both if this vinegar are truly effective in this type of illness. Make use of enough vinegar in cleaning the ears of your dog and clean it with water. Be sure that after doing this, you must check the ears of your dogs if there are liquids left inside to avoid having this illness again.

These home remedies for canine ear infections will surely help your dogs to have a continuous treatment for their ear infections.