Wisdom Teeth Stitches – What You Need to Do

Do you plan to have wisdom tooth extraction and want to figure out more information about wisdom teeth stitches? There you are. Read this whole article and broaden your knowledge about wisdom teeth, the stitches and what to do with them. Well, wisdom tooth can be a major problem for adults. The impacted wisdom tooth may cause discomfort or even infection. They grow in abnormal position and function. Therefore, some dentists suggest wisdom tooth extraction to minimize further risk of the impacted wisdom teeth. Once the wisdom tooth is extracted, some dentists take further action by giving stitches on it. Keep reading to learn more about wisdom teeth stitches types and how to deal with it.

Why should I get wisdom teeth extraction? Some of you may wonder why you have to extract the impacted wisdom teeth. As mentioned above, the impacted wisdom teeth may cause some problem such as pain and infection. Surrounding tooth decay and gum infection will also come along with the impacted wisdom teeth. The abnormal position of wisdom teeth may cause damage as it cannot be cleaned properly. As a result, food debris and bacteria will cause worse problem. It may trigger the development of cyst around the wisdom teeth. Therefore, it is very important to do wisdom teeth extraction to prevent further damage.

wisdom teeth stitches

Types of Wisdom Teeth Stitches

Many people are concerned with the stitches. Stitches are an action taken by dentist to put the tissues back together after tooth extraction. Even though many dentists let the whole open, it is better to put them together with stitches.

  • There are two types of stitches, which cover the dissolvable and non-dissolvable stitches.
  • The dissolvable stitches refer to stitches which will absorb to the body over time.
  • These dissolvable stitches are usually harmless and made of safe materials.
  • It may take a few weeks for the stitches to dissolve completely.
  • On the other hand, the non-dissolvable stitches refer to non-absorbable stitches which should be removed manually by the surgeon.
  • Nowadays, people tend to pick wisdom teeth dissolvable stitches as it is more practical.

How to Get rid of Wisdom Teeth Stitches

Once you get stitches for your wisdom teeth extraction, it is necessary to do these things to promote the wisdom teeth stitches recovery. After extracting the wisdom teeth, your dentist will suggest you the dos and the don’ts. You better follow the instruction. To help you deal with your wisdom teeth stitches, these are what you should do. It is important to drink lots of water to help promote the stitches. But remember; do not drink alcoholic, caffeinated and carbonated beverages, especially in the first 24 hours. It is also recommended not to drink with straw. Besides the beverages, you should pay attention to the diet as well. Eat soft food and avoid the hard and chewy foods which require you to chew a lot. It is necessary not to brush your teeth and use mouthwash if you want your wisdom teeth stitches dissolve soon.